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The idea of sharing inspiration

What would the joy in beautiful things, in pleasure and time for what is important to us be without the company of those we cherish, with whom we could share it all? For us the answer is: it would all be only half as inspiring. That’s why we have founded ELECT– with the aim of sharing the inspirational. Find out more about it.


We have established ELECT to share pleasure and enjoyment. This is best done by getting to know one another. Our events give us all the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to discover common ground.


There is a lot of passion in this: we burn for what we do and want to infect you with this enthusiasm for tailor-made craftsmanship, for quality manufacturing and services tailored to you.


We come from different industries, but we have many similarities. This begins with the niches we occupy. Our factories are oriented to small numbers and high individualisation. With us all, service plays a very important role, as does personal contact with the customer. Therefore, we can recommend each other with the best conscience: If you are satisfied with one of our ELECT partners, you can trust that you will be equally pleased with all. In order to fulfil this promise, we will expand the circle of partners with great care and consideration.


We know we do not fit into any drawer, that we have corners and edges. We do not give anything to the spirit of the times and consciously swim against the current. And isn’t that exactly what makes it appealing? We say yes!


To follow the development process of a product, to accompany the customer and to share their joy in perfect craftsmanship: for us, tradition is taking it slow and ensuring sustainability. We place great importance in quality and don’t follow the mantra of bigger and faster. Wir legen Wert auf Qualität und entziehen uns dem Mantra: immer schneller immer weiter.